monument (for Z.)

All your arching parts are great in Bronze Age senses of the word: enthralling form of a horseback desert bowman tautly drawn to raid some valley decadence, a sword to coax from serfs and sandstone towering, scowling traces of you. The colonnade where you first made me stand a bedrock plinth for tributary calves, Old… Continue reading monument (for Z.)

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Orbis Spike

The atmosphere recorded the mass death, slavery and war that followed 1492. The death by smallpox and warfare of an estimated 50 million native Americans—as well as the enslavement of Africans to work in the newly depopulated Americas—allowed forests to grow in former farmlands. By 1610, the growth of all those trees had sucked enough… Continue reading Orbis Spike

spring clinging

Four old (five years!) poems from an internet shoebox cleared of spiders: B. splendens Oil-neon, leonine, from the dark clotted thing it was, a jarred betta pushed by a child’s accident against a mirror tumesces. It is exactly the libido of an anchorite unexpected in the tent of a perfumed eunuch: effulgence in excess of… Continue reading spring clinging